Cover Art The Broecker Sampler Copyright 2002 Randy Broecker

"Tentacles, skulls, skeletons, demons -- illustrations that would be right at home in the horror comics of yesteryear -- Broecker takes such glee in his work that he drags you into his imagination before you know it.”
—–Ellen Datlow in The
Year's Best Fantasy and Horror

"Twenty-four pen & ink drawings, beautifully rendered with fine detail work. We've always liked Broecker's intricately rendered work. His illustrations for Donald Grant fantasy novels stand out.”
—–Bud Plant Comic Art Catalog

"I can see that Broecker must have studied the work of Sidney Sime and Harry Clarke, and probably Mervyn Peake and Wallace Smith as well. Beautiful stuff .”
—–It Goes On The Shelf by The Sign of the Purple Mouth by Ned Brooks

This is the first collection of the beautiful black and white artwork of Randy Broecker, one of the finest illustrators in modern horror and fantasy. This sampler is a great introduction to this fabulous artist, who has been delighting fans with his art for over 20 years.

Dark, eerie, weird and wonderful, here you will find examples of his work from The Black Wolf, Dark Detectives, the unpublished Tanith Lee's Delusion's Master, Fantasy Tales, Elric from The Dreamthief's Daughter, The Illustrated Guide to Supernatural Literature by H.P. Lovecraft, Fantasy Newsletter, and a number of pieces published for the first time. Broecker was Artist Guest of Honor at the 2002 World Horror Convention.

He's also designed creatures for computer games, and much more.THE BROECKER SAMPLER is the saddle-stitched, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 chapbook style publication, printed on acid-free paper.

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