If you haven’t yet sampled this macabre and disquieting vision of “The American Dream” Gothic California-style, then you’ve got a treat in store: if you have, then you'll want to get a copy of Etchison’s preferred version ... while stocks last. — Peter Crowther



A Signed and Numbered 1st US Edition / Cover by Joyce Tenneson

Cover of Darkside by Dennis Etchison

“Dennis Etchison’s DARKSIDE at last brings him to the forefront of the genre, where he belongs.”      —Ray Bradbury

DARKSIDE IS A MODERN CLASSIC FROM DENNIS ETCHISON'S GOTHIC CALIFORNIA, a land where it may be impossible to distinguish between the mind's inner landscape and the world outside.

In a city of fast food and relentless sunlight, Doug Carson is trying to live the American Dream—California style.

As his film career takes off, he marries a beautiful woman with three perfect daughters, and moves his instant family to Beverly Hills, ready for the Good Life. . .

But soon something threatens their privileged lifestyle. Something that will alienate this step-father from his new family and plunge them all into the underworld of today's Los Angeles, a nightmare of quick thrills and meaningless death, built on a foundation of quicksand.

To save his wife and daughters, Doug descends into a grim culture of teenage runaways, manipulators and murderers. It is a stark and twisted vision of L.A., darkly perverted from the idealism of the sixties. But he must learn the secret of the Darkside and survive, even if the cost is higher than he can possibly imagine. . .

When DARKSIDE first appeared as a paperback original in 1986, at the height of the horror boom, it included passages added to satisfy the publisher so that it could be marketed as the latest scream-of-the-month. After a single printing, it undeservedly vanished from bookstores in the U.S., despite high praise from critics like Michael Morrison who called it “a biting, almost unbearably grim indictment of the death of life in modern America. It is one of the seminal works of fiction in the eighties.”

Written by an author who has inspired a generation of writers to explore the skull beneath the skin of America's dark psyche, this ten-year anniversary edition marks the return to print of one of his most important dark fantasy novels. American Fantasy Press and Airgedlámh Publications are proud to bring you Etchison’s preferred text, corrected and restored, with an introduction by Ramsey Campbell and a special author's afterword.



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“Dennis Etchison is one of the central writers of modern horror fiction. His work is always absolutely unsettling, grounded in an original vision of American life and expressed in a disjunctive, unexpected manner which insists on pulling the rug out from under the reader’s feet — the usual narrative veils are down, and we must face whatever he gives us. DARKSIDE is one of his most satisfying books.”
Peter Straub

"Etchison's work has always been notable for showing a great attention to detail while still managing to keep the major events of his plot shrouded in mystery.
DARKSIDE is no exception; it's a gripping tale which unfolds like a Texaco road map, keeping the reader from glimpsing the whole picture until the very end.
    "The mystery begins virtually on page one, setting the tone for the rest of the book. We meet a young chap named Shaun who's deathly afraid of something, but we never really find out what, or why. Soon thereafter, Douglas Carson is introduced, along with the family he has recently assumed: his new wife Casey, and her three daughters from a previous marriage. Douglas is enjoying unprecedented success in his work and the Carsons have just made the big move into the financial stratosphere of Beverly Hills, but all is not well. The eldest of the three girls, 13 year old Erin, has taken to sneaking out of the house after dark, and is rapidly becoming involved in something bizarre and deadly. Despite an anonymous warning, ‘Don't Go Near The Darkside,’ which shows up in the mailbox, Erin finds herself drawn to a small group of outcasts and the strange nightclub they frequent.
     "In much the same way, the reader is inexorably pulled into this absorbing tale....Don't miss it."
Bob Morrish, editor of The Scream Factory.

"This is the first Etchison novel to bear his own name and I was thoroughly delighted by it.... one of the most original horror premises to see print in the last fifteen years."
Footsteps Magazine

"{DARKSIDE} starts out like a novelization of a teen horror pic, turns into a suburban mystery story, and winds up with a touch of the mystical."
William Schoell's Macabre Newsletter

The Dreamthef's Daughter Ltd. Ed. by Michael Moorcock